Who we are

    Keilshitech237 is a blog created to help society and this site can be reachable from https://keilshitech237.com, our visitors constitute youth in our society. this privacy one of our main prime concerns this privacy page has all our information especially on data we collect and safeguard.  if for any reason you like to add something to our privacy document then do not hang back contact us immediately at keilshitech237@gmail.com.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

   At keilshitech237 we collect visitor’s data such as personal files, names and once they sign up for newsletters we also collect their email address. In addition  when a visitor accesses our he/ she may be asked to provide his or her email for further assistance from our team

  From the above data collected, the team uses this data collected to know how to make visitors find whatever they may be looking for through their interactions with our team. 

When do we collect your data. 

  We collect your data or information when you signup for our newsletters or enter your information on site for example when you fill the contact us form we have your information. 


How do we protect your information. 

 At  keilshitech237 we do not run vulnerability checks on your information and we will never call you to ask for bank cards or credit card details.  we only use your information to alert visitors of recent blog posts. it should also be noted that we don’t spam. 

Who we share your data with

 Keilshitech237 share it, visitors data only with its team and another third party like email servers and Ftp server. visitors data is In the hands of our team we manage our visitor’s data with care and consciousness 


Contact forms.

 With our contact form, we only collect visitors’ names, emails, and subjects. we don’t hold on to this information for long we make sure we reply to our visitors without hesitation and afterword the information is erased from our system except we use the information to get to visitors quickly if they need help.



At keilshitech, we  use cookies to track our website activities and also advertisement there for cookies act like an identification card(IC)