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Hello everyone I recently made a tutorial on how to unlock MTN, ORANGE, AND NEXTTEL 4G modem but today we are unlocking the nexttel 3G dongle. I know many people have been looking for a way to unlock their Huawei E3531 free unlock key so that they also use different ISP SIM inside. stay tuned and follow the tutorial carefully and by the end, you should be able to unlock your USB dongle.


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To successfully unlock your nexttel Huawei 3g dongle we needing some tools to work with

Huawei USB driver
imel number of your modem
code calculator

Huawei E3531 free unlock

make sure your 3g Huawei dongle USB driver is installed and ready to be used

Now slide over the small cover to where the sim card is inserted then your find the IMEI number of your dongle copy it and keep it somewhere safe

Now insert a non-accepted sim in your dongle and connect it to your pc and open a mobile partner you can download the version used from the link below.

when you plug your dongle into pc with none accepted sim you will be prompt to enter the unlock code. Now, this where it becomes a little bit treckish.

Now you will need a code calculator for your modem you cant download it from the link below or visit calc. games to get your unlock code

huawei calculator

Huawei E3531 free unlock step-by-step unlocking guide

Insert your imel and click on calculate to get your unlock code.

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from the above paragraph, you can see that your unlock code has been generated. you are just one step away from unlocking your modem. since your unlock code has been generated, All you need to do is launch your mobile partner and connect your modem which has an invalid SIM card.  once your modem is connected, wait for the program to load. copy and paste the unlocked code you just generated and click submit, your modem should now be unlocked permanently.




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