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How to Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11

How to install WSA on windows 11


       How to Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on                                                           Windows 11

Hay, have you ever thought of installing the google play store app on your computer.  No that won’t work for you since the play store is an android application that can not be installed on a windows computer. but today,  We bring you good news that it is actually possible to install the google play store on your Windows computer.


But there are string attached to it. for you to be able to install the google play store on your windows computer, you need to run on the latest version of windows. which for now in windows 11.


Another bone of contention here is that not all windows computers can run this latest version of windows. Only computers that have the TPM 2.0 chip can run windows11. but not worry we have provided an article on how you can install windows 11 on all Windows computers.




Once you have windows 11 installed let move on by installing the WSA. window subsystem that will enable us to install the google play store on your Windows 11.




For you to install the windows subsystem, you have to complete the following.

  • Have your computer already running on Windows 11
  • Install ADB on your Windows 11
  • Get the Windows Subsystem for Android with the Google Play package from the download link below.

Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play package


Get the platform tool from HERE


  • Download the Google Play Kernel for WSA get it from the download link below

  Google Play Kernel for WSA


  • Must have Virtual machine platform turned on. Read below on the steps on how to enable virtual machine VMs on your computer.


How To Enable Virtual Machine Platform on Windows 11

  • you need to also enable the developer


How to Install Windows Subsystem for Android with Google Play Store on Windows 11


HOW TO INSTALL WINDOWS SUBSYSTEM FOR ANDROID  WITH GOOGLE PLAY STORE                                                          ON WINDOWS 11



Installing ADB Drivers. 

let first of all start by installing ADB that will allow your google play store to work properly. it will grand superuser rights so that our play store can work

   Now, follow the steps below in order to install ADB.

To install ADB, go to your c drive and create a folder named  “ADB”. then download the platform-tools extract open the folder after the extraction you will see a folder named  “platform-tools“ copy the folder and past in C:\adb. 


Hello before you begin, you need to enable the developer option on your Windows 11 operating system let me show you how to do that.

  • locate your search bar and search for developer settings and you have the screen below just follow the image and enable your developer option.


windows developer options



enabling windows developer mode


If you successfully enabled your developer option let move to the next step

  • Download the required files above from the download link we have placed above. from the links above download Windows Subsystem for Android with the Google Play package. 
  • the other link will lead you to the Google Play Kernel for WSA. 
  • Now once you have the two files, go ahead and extract the windows subsystem for android with the google play package the file should be at list 700MB.
  • Once you have extracted the files go ahead and extract the kernel for WSA too. now this is where it gets a little bit trickish, copy the kernel located in the extracted folder containing the subsystem package, open the tool folder then past and replace the kernel file.


pasting kernel


  • once you have done that then it is time we install our WSA package.
  • to do this, launch windows power shell as administrator.


windows power shell



  • Now that you have opened up the windows power shell let move to the next step.



folder links


  • If you have copied the link as seen above let move to the next step. in your power shell wind type cd ‘SWA Package folder path” note the package folder path is the link you copied from the SWA extracted packaged folder enter cd and past the link then hit enter you will have the screen below.

windows power shell


  • now, let enter the command that will install our WSA packaged for android now. on the same in your windows power shell enter the following command.

    Add-AppxPackage -Register .\AppxManifest.xml

  • Once installed, you should now see it by clicking on the start menu icon among other apps.


android subsystem


  • Now, start the Windows Subsystem for Android and enable “Developer mode”.


developer mode enabled



  • After you enabled the developer option for WSA make sure you are connected to the internet before clicking the link.
  • after clicking the link the WSA will now download the required files needed to function properly at the end it will install your google play store and Amazon AppStore


android and amazone


  • now we have our google play store almost ready. for it to work correctly we need to carry out a small task for it to work properly.


Enabling Google Play Store on Windows 11 via WSA

  • head to your computer, and open the ADB folder you created, and copied the platform-tools folder to at the beginning of this tutorial. This should be located at C:\adb.


  • Open the ADB folder and then paste the  “platform-tool” folder inside it. While inside this folder type “cmd” on the address bar and hit enter to open a command prompt.


  • Without closing the command prompt, launch again the Windows Subsystem for Android, toggle off then on developer mode. You should now see a proxy and port.


android subsystem



Now, you will have to establish an ADB connection and grant WSA connection with your local connection.
From the command line, enter the following command
adb connect[port_number]

Replace [port_number] with the ADB port number you got from WSA.

Finally, enter these commands one after the other
ADB shell
setenforce 0







  • Great! you are all set.All you have to do next is launch Google Play Store and sign in with your account. and install your favorite apps.

android sub system



As many of you know we previously had other android emulators like blue stacks. this android WSA works exactly like them just this one may prove to be the best among the best just try it out and enjoy we are 100% sure that this article will be helpful to you guys out there stay tuned for more helpful articles from us.

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