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Hello, we believed that some of our readers have been expecting a way to unlock the Vodafone M028T. with an L02C motherboard buying several modems is redundant, so this tutorial will help you to make your modem universal so that it can work with other ISP. We have also published other articles concerning unlocking.

        VODAFONE M028T L02C.

To unlock your Vodafone modem, follow the steps below and get all the necessary files to begin the unlocking process.

Vodafone m028t Unlocking Requirement.


 FIREFOX 50.0.1.



You need to meet up with all the requirements below to begin the unlocking process. Below you will find the link to download all the required programs listed above to download them to your computer. Once you have successfully downloaded all the programs, locate and extract them to your desktop for easy access.

begin by installing the ZTE m028t drivers, on your desktop you will find the drivers needed for the unlocking process locate the driver folder, and install them. The next step is installing firefox 50.0.1. to do this, you must first uninstall the current firefox by going to your control panel and choose to uninstall firefox’s current version.



Once you have uninstalled the current version you will need to install version 50.0.1 you will find firefox 50.0.1 in the folder you extracted launch the setup and follow the installation wizard to install it.

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Once version 50.0.1 is installed you will need to locate the default cookies folder and erase them. To do this go to your drive. C and follow this link on your computer


You have to delete the default cookies in the folder then minimize the window.

Now you have to verify your hardware version These steps only work on hardware version L02C. if your hardware version does not match this one, you will have to wait for our upcoming article on another hardware version. To verify your hardware, you will need to launch a different browser like chrome to access your modem interface to check your hardware version

   On the browser enter the following on your URL:

On the modem interface, you will need to log in as an admin

Username: admin

Password: admin

Go to software information then you see your hardware version.

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hardware version for L02C

If your hardware version matches the one, we listed above then continue reading our post.

locate the extracted folder found on your desktop, and copy the content found inside ZTE M028T L02C_1_30 Unlock File. Now open the minimize firefox profile window and past the content inside the default folder you delete the other cookies files and close the window.

unlocking files


unlocking files


Connect your modem with a cable so that communication between the computer and your modem should be established.

Now that you have pasted the unlocking cookies file launch the newly installed firefox version 50.0.1 now enter the IP address to access the modem interface you should see SMART BRO on the screen. make sure to backdate your computer to April 14, 2017.

image showing smart bro

Once you see Smart Bro, you will need to enter Ph-Net PIN to unlock your modem. To do this you have to click on The Require Then Enter 123456 As Ph-Net Pin




Now you will have to wait for a couple of seconds for the process to complete

Now your Vodafone m028t L02C is unlocked. Enjoy


It should be noted that whenever you reset this modem the unlock status will be lost so you will need to redo the same process all over again to unlock again.

The inspiration for this tutorial was not from us but we drop it here so that others can benefit from the tutorial.



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