How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android

Sync iPhone Contacts to Android phone

Hello friends, We shall be walking you through a guide for transfer contacts from iPhone to Android to android. So follow this guide carefully not to miss a step.


How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android


SO we choose to release these articles because we have solved so many cases of iPhone contact to android. so this article will guide you on how to sync iPhone contacts.

Many people face difficulties in sync iPhone contacts to their android devices. So we shall be discoursing two major words such as iCloud Storage And Google Contact.


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So as we know google is a  leading platform in the world of technology and communication. Google contact is a google contact management tool that Automatically backup your contact via Email service. Gmail is a standalone service and a part of Google management services. Google contacts save all your contacts by backing up directly from your android to your google contact account.





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We believe many of you have heard of cloud computing or online storage. iCloud storage is a form of online storage. this cloud storage is from Apple Inc.

iCloud is an online storage iPhone users use to back up their pictures, Contacts, notes, and emails. to prevent loss of dox and other valuable data. now what if your iPhone is bad, stolen.

That is what we will be talking about today. we will be showing how you can sync your contact from your iPhone to your android device.






In other to transfer your iPhone contacts to your android, you will do the following

  1.    Go to chrome browser or any other browser open two tabs on the first tab sign in to iCloud by entering  and sign with the Apple ID  which has all your contacts.
  2. Once you sign in you see your iCloud drive account as shown below

icloud drive

3.  Once your can access your iCloud Drive as seen from the picture, click on contacts you will now see your contacts that are found on your iCloud drive.

4. Once you can see all your contacts, select all at once by pressing Ctrl+A  then scroll down and click on the Setting logo bottom and select export Vcard.

5. the .vcard file will be downloaded to your computer. wait for the download to complete. now we move to the next step of adding the contacts to your google contacts.

6.Remember before we begin with these articles you were asked to create a new tab now let move to the next tab which is for google contacts.

7. If you are on the google contact page. then sign in with your desired account then you get the interface


8. when you click on import go to your download folder on your computer and select contact. vcf and chose import contacts. your contact will be imported instantly you will find all your iPhone contact in your android device. then you can now copy all your contacts to android storage with ease.


Hope this small piece of this article was able to help you to backup your contact to your android device. now that you have a small vcard file having all your contact we advise you that you also store this on your google drive to avoid feature contact loss.





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