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How to Share vpn connection using every proxy

How to Share vpn connection

every proxy


On this page today, we a going to explain to you how to share an Android VPN Normally, most Apps give you the possibility to share your Android The VPN connection has support for Hotspot sharing with root access.

But what if you do not want to void the warranty of your device just to share your VPN connection? well, there is a possibility for that. Connect your normal VPN before you connect every proxy you can get every proxy from the play store




Bear in mind that “EVERY PROXY” will only connect when you have connected your normal VPN so that EVERY PROXY will give you the HOST IP and PORT which you will use to connect to another device. without wasting time let head straight to the main thing.


Sharing your Android VPN connection via EVERY PROXY



If you are to share the VPN connection you are using on a device say A to another B, you have to follow these steps;


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Creating a VPN Hotspot connection

  1.    So, connect the VPN app you use for browsing. In my case, I am using Anonytun VPN.
    Now launch EVERY PROXY.
  2. Now chose and enable the server you like to use (HTTPS OR SOCKS).
  3.  Next, the host and port will be shown as you can see from the image above.

 Now that we have the host and port let move to the next part that will be showing you how to connect PC, android iPhone/iPad

  1. Connecting to the VPN connection

To connect to the VPN connection and have access to the internet, you will need to connect through the IP address and port. Follow the steps below to set things working.





Sharing your Android VPN connection via EVERY PROXY


  • Access WiFi from settings. Select the Wi-Fi name that you want to connect to.
  • Click on it, enter the password if protected, and then scroll down and click on “Advanced options”.
  • You should see “Proxy” set to “none”.
  • Dropdown for Proxy select “Manual” and enter:

Proxy hostname: depends on your device
Proxy port: 1080
Click “Save” to save and then connect to the Wi-Fi
You will now have access to the VPN connection from your other Android device.



👉If the second device is a Windows computer.



  • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options.
  • Click the “Connections” tab at the top of the Internet Options window. Click the “LAN Settings” button at the bottom of the window.
  • Check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and enter the network address and port of the proxy as follows: so the server will be

Port: 1080
Save settings and there you go!




👉Connecting to an iPhone/iPad

  • Tap on the Settings app. When the Settings app loads, you will be in the General Settings category.
  • Select the Wi-Fi settings category and you will be at a screen as shown below.
  • Click on the “icon” next to the Wi-Fi network to access the specific settings of the wireless connection.
  • Tap on the Manual button and fill in the fields under HTTP Proxy as follows:Server:
    Port: 1080.

When you are done setting up your proxy server, tap on the Wi-Fi Networks button and then go back to your Home screen to start enjoying the internet access.

you can also click here to watch a video on how to share a VPN connection without root:  youtube


you can get every proxy here        google play store


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