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Hello, previously we wrote an article on how to unlock HUAWEI E5573s-321 4G LTE WiFi but today we come with another tutorial on how to unlock Huawei E5577s. so in this tutorial, we will be guiding you on how to unlock the HUAWEI E5577s-321 4G LTE WiFi.

UNLOCKING not that this same tutorial will also unlock(ISP) this same model no matter which network it lock to or which country it comes from. follow this tutorial carefully and unlocked your wifi router.

E5577s-321 4G LTE WiFi UNLOCKING

This modem is also unlocked by flashing and installing a universal version of the Huawei router. ie removing the coded firmware from the ISP is done by erasing the stocked firmware using USB BALONG DOWNLOADER this will downgrade your modem firmware and by so doing unlocked the modem.


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Now let head straight to the unlocking process. this process is done in a series of few steps. follow the tutorial and by the end, your modem should be unlocked.


A screwdriver
a picker
USB cable
A computer
Huawei modem driver
working experience.
balong downloader
Bins file.
HUAWEI E5577s unlocking files and steps           👉 UNLOCK ALCATEL MW40V AIRBOX 4G

you will head straight and unscrew your modem using the screwdriver.
remove the upper cover of your modem to get a clear view of the boot point.
Once flashing is going do not disconnect your modem.



after removing the top cover prepare ur picker or any metallic object which you will use to connect the boot point and the shot point.

Make sure to connect point 1 and point 2 (boot point and short point) this enables the modem to enter into flashing mood and the computer will indicate with a sound.

Go to device manager on your pc by right-clicking on my computer icon and selecting manage then click on device manager to check the com port of your modem.

Step by Step unlocking procedure

Now launch balong downloader and click on detect to get your modem com port click on the drop-down icon and select your modem correct com port, after a click on the three dots adjacent to the load button then select usbloader.bin and click on OK and click on the load button. it will erase the current firmware which locks only to nexttel.

Once the uploader is flashed successfully it has erased the previous system or firmware which came with your modem now launched step 3



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After step 4 is completed install and launched DC-UNLOCKER to start step 4 IMEI write code open dc unlocker and select your modem brand and model which in his case is Huawei and model e5577 and click the search button if your modem is not found unplug your device and repeat step one by connecting boot point and short point then re lunch dc unlocker again and the same process of clicking the search button once you can see modem detected copy the IMEL number and past in dc unlocked and press enter for to write ur modem imel number.

Once your imel number is writing move to step 5 21.328.01.00.00 and launch it to update your modem firmware and make it ready to be unlocked.

Once step 5 is complete let move to the last phase of unlocking your router select and double click on step 6 WEBUI_17. and run it to finally unlocked your router for it to accept sim card from other ISP.

hope this little article was helpful to you reading follow all steps chronologically your modem should be unlocked at the end of this tutorial.


Written by Lindo


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