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Huawei B310s 4G Router Unlock via USB Mode – KEILSHITECH237

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Huawei B310s 4G Router Unlock via USB Mode – KEILSHITECH237

Hi there and welcome to KEILSHITECH. in our previous post, we saw how to unlock different models of Huawei and Alcatel modems. so Free Unlocking Huawei B310s-22 is what we shall be looking into today so that it accepts other ISP. for those who have this device and have been looking for a way to unlock it you are in the right place.

Unlocking Huawei B310s-22 is what we will be looking at today stay tune and focus to grab all points. This Huawei router can connect up to 50 people in a session it also has an excellent speed which made it faster than others. with this incredible speed, one will like to also use other network careers in it to enjoy the super fast speed. in the next chapter, we be seeing the hardware and software specifications of the router to better understand what we are dealing with. because the specification defines the device you have.



Dimension and Weight: this device has a width of 126 mm and height of 180 and a depth of 70mm and a weight of at least 227g
this product size, weight depth, and other specifications,s, and other measurements may vary from an individual product.

Device color: black, the color also varies from device to device. as some are white etc.

Network: the Huawei b310s is made of a powerful network with a 4G/5G network that runs at an incredible speed of 150Mbps DL and 50 Mbps UL.

Wireless connectivity: this device has been build with a transmission standard of 802.11b /g/n and a 32 wireless frequency band.

Antenna: It has an external antennal of 2x. SMA

From the few specifications geared above, we now know the type of vice we are dealing with so in the next chapter we looking at the unlocking method to stay tuned.

 Free Unlocking Huawei B310s-22 Unlocking Huawei B310s-22

Tool Required

 A screwdriver.
 A headless Andriod USB cable.
 Huawei USB driver.
 E5186 Toolbox.
 Huawei Unlock Code Calculator.
 An RJ45 cable
 power supply for the modem


Free Unlocking Huawei B310s-22

so unscrew your modem and remove the screws from it and remove the plastic cover to carry out the soldering of the headless Android USB. connect cables from left starting with black, green, white, red,


From the picture, you be soldering the USB cable which the android head has been cut of according to the color code found in the picture above.



so After soldering it exactly as seen in the picture, we also are connecting the boot point which will send the router to factory mode so that our PC will recognize the driver software. make sure the USB driver has been installed if not the PC won’t see your device.


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Huawei B310s 4G Router Unlock via USB Mode – KEILSHITECH237

connect the USB cable to your computer, and you need to connect the power cable to supply the router with power. you need to connect one RJ45 cable too.

Once you insert your modem into the computer, you hear a sound now go to device manager and check your device com port.


so once your driver software is installed, go to the driver folder and launch balong downloader to detect your router and in turn load the usbloeader.bin found in step1


baloong downloader


Huawei B310s 4G Router Unlock steps. 


step 1 from the picture, click on detect to detect your router COM port.
In step 2 from the picture, click on the line and select the correct com port for your modem.
step 3 from the picture, click on the three dots to get the usbloader.bin file found in step one in the downloaded files.
Now in step 4 from the picture click load to flash the usbloader.bin to erase the current system firmware and prepared it for unlocking.

so, let move to step, open and go to the files you downloaded and open the step 2 folder, and launch
the E3256sBootRomDownloadTool_delay20s.

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so once you launch the file and wait for it to open when it opens. Click on the firmware to import the Huawei B310s-927_UPDATE_21.300.01.00.00 Universal.bin. when the loading is finished click on

NEXT and then select scan and upgrade your device.
You will have to wait for the downloading to finish when the download will get finish wait for a message that says reboot time out then minimize the application.





open putty and enter the IP address on the hostname and tick telnet and click open.




so when the dark window opens, copy ATI ATI and past it.




so after you take the enter button you will have a window like the one above.
Now copy AT^NVRDEX=50503,0,128 and past again and take enter then you have a window like this.




from the screen, by the right, copy the from 9F to C0 for partern 1
Next from the image below copy from DE TO 01 partern 2




revisit your  download folder again and open Huawei Unlock Code Calculator and past partern 1 and parten 2

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huawei code calculator


Now after filing the above code as seen on the pictures click on calculate and wait for the result.
cope the result which is your unlock code.

lunch chrome browser and enter your router IP address
Now you will be prompt to enter the SIMLOCK now past your unlock code you copied and click OK
At this moment your Huawei Router should be unlocked.


unlocking page

Hope this guide was helpful.

so enjoy your unlocked Huawei router. make sure to always for more article such as this.



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