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how to unlock huawei router b315s step by step


Many people have been asking me to provide the unlocking solution for the nexttel Cameroon Huawei B315-22 which comes with firmware version 21.313.03.00.1387. so today we are walking you through a step-by-step process on how to unlock your nexttel Cameroon Huawei b315s router, this unlocking is totally free but all you need is your brain and tech skills.

image showing nexttel b315huawei b315 unlock


Recently we have published an article on how to unlock the orange Cameroon Huawei B310 which we walked you guys through a step-by-step process on the unlocking process which involves flashing the universal unlocked firmware version into the system. but, we will walk you through a step-by-step unlocking process for the nexttel Cameroon B315s router.

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Unlike the orange Cameroon Huawei B310 unlocking the process which involves unscrewing and flashing the unlock firmware into the system, the nexttel Cameroon Huawei B315 does not require unscrewing or flashing before unlocking which means there is no boot shot involved and there are no warranty problems. Since this device has good security and speed of data processing people are charging high to unlock. so we are providing free unlocking of your nexttel Cameroon Huawei B315-22 modem. It is totally free for home and personal use.

                          Huawei B315 unlocking

To unlock your nexttel Cameroon Huawei B315 router, you will need to download the multicast upgrade tool and the unlocking firmware for your nexttel Cameroon Huawei modem. Click on the following links below to download the unlocking files for your router.




Let’s move on with the step-by-step unlocking process for your Huawei b315 router follow the steps closely and get your device unlocked for free.


Equipment needed

I. Multicast upgrade tool.

II. Unlocked firmware 21.313.03.00.1387.

III. LAN cable (Ethernet RJ45)

IV. BIN file

V. Putty


        how to unlock Huawei router b315s step by step

Once you have to download the files from the above links, extract them to a folder on your desktop for easy access.

Power on your nexttel Cameroon Huawei B315 router and connect it to your pc using the LAN cables.

The default home page of the router will be open, if it does not open look at the bottom of your router you find the home page IP address enter it on your URL, and hit enter to access the router home page manually.

From the interface or menu click on the local update option

On the next window that appears click on browse for BIN file from the downloaded file found on the desktop.

So select your Huawei B315 BIN which will update your router. The modem will restart several times and the network light will turn green.

Not all modem supports this option so if can’t find this option move to the next step.

Disconnect your Huawei B315 from your computer and switched it off.

Now run the downloaded multicast upgrade tool from the extracted folder.

Select the network card option on your computer design and 1 on the image.


multicast download tool

Locate the force upgrade option on the tool which is designing a 2 on the image.

So click on open and select your Huawei B315 BIN from the extracted folder and click OK to import your BIN file. Allocated as 3 on the image.


image showing multicast download tool

Now move on and click on the start button allocated as 4 on the image.

Now connect your modem to the PC using a LAN cable and switch it on.

Once your switch it on the software will start flashing the modem. Be careful not to disconnect it otherwise, your device will be damaged.

You will have to wait till the network light turns green then you click on stop.

Switched the router off and switch it on again.

Now run the PUTTY software which is found in the download folder.

Once you launch putty makes sure to configure the interface as follows. But don’t click on open just yet.



image showing puTTY

clicking on the terminal menu and configure the terminal interface as follows.

image showing puTTY


· Now click on open finally it will display black terminal windows then copy and paste the following commands ATC ATI and click on enter on your keyboard.

· Again, copy the next command below and past it in the same command Menu, and take enter on the keyboard. atc at^nvwrex=8268,0,12,1,0,0,0,2,0,0,0,a,0,0,0.

· lastly your nexttel Cameroon Huawei B310 router is now unlocked and free to receive any sim card from other ISP your router is now permanently unlocked for free enjoy.



Written by Lindo

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