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How to Install Windows Server 2008 Step by Step


How to Install Windows Server 2008 Step by Step



How to Install Windows Server 2008 Step by Step installing a Windows server is just installing any other operating system, but we have just decided to drop this article to help those who have to search for a way to install this management operating system. this operating is a core system for administrators. it helps them to manage create and solve network issues within the enterprise.


Administrators can partition the system’s hard drives during setup. More importantly, they can install the necessary AHCI or RAID storage drivers from a CD/DVD or even a USB thumb drive. Thus, error-prone floppies can finally be sent to the garbage bin.




Windows Server 2008 is the server operating system developed by Microsoft, It is considered the successor to Windows Server 2003 and boasts new features such as Server Core, an optional installation that allows administration completely via the command-line interface.



With the Windows Server 2008, Microsoft has rolled together the Manage Your Server and Security Configuration Wizard from Windows Server 2003 into the Server Manager console, which allows administrators to conduct many server tasks.


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Server OS operates by roles the admin installs and configures roles needed in other to manage the organization network. with server 2008 a lot of roles has been added to enable the admin to conduct or carry out varied server task. for example, Active Directory received a major update in Windows Server 2008, with expanded Group Policy and identity management features. Other updates include Active Directory Rights Management Services and Federation Services.


Now, we shall move forward by showing you guys how to download and install windows server 2008 with no stress as we earlier said installation of a windows server is just like installing any other operating system so stay tuned and follow our step steps.






System requirements.

  • Criteria: 2008 2008 R2.
  • CPU: 1 GHz (IA-32) 1.4 GHz (x86-64 or Itanium) 2 GHz or faster.
  • RAM: Other editions, 32-bit: 20 GB Other editions, 64-bit: 32 GB Foundation: 10 GB
  •  Foundation: 10 GB or greater Other editions: 32 GB or greater.To begin the installation, you will need a couple of things.

server 2008 iso file you can get it from here SERVER 2008
you will need RUFUS to create bootable media for installation.
flash drive 16GB.

How to Install Windows Server 2008 Step by Step



  • If you completed the above mention requirement then let’s continue by creating the installation media.
  • launch the Rufus file you just downloaded, now connect your flash drive to your computer the Rufus program will detect your USB Drive click on the iso section and choose the iso file you just downloaded and click on start to begin the process of creating the installation media.
    Once the process is done,
  •   Reboot your computer by pressing down your boot key in other to choose your windows server installation media.
  • When prompted for an installation language and other regional options, make your selection and press Next.
  • Next, press Install Now to begin the installation process.
  • If you do not have the Product ID available right now, you can leave the box empty, and click Next. You will need to provide the Product ID later after the server installation is over.
  • since you did not provide the correct ID, the installation process cannot determine what kind of Windows Server 2008 license you own, so you will be prompted to select your correct version on the next screen.
  • If you did provide the right Product ID, select the Full version of the right Windows version you’re prompted with, and click Next.
  • Read and accept the license terms by clicking to select the checkbox and pressing Next.
    Which type of installation do you want? window, click the only available option – Custom (Advanced).
  • the next screen will need you to choose on which drive you to want to install the system you will need to partition and create a new partition to install the server OS.
    On the new partition, you just created choose it, and take it next for the installation process to start. 

How to Install Windows Server 2008 Step by Step

grab a cup of coffee and wait while installation is ongoing during this process your computer will restart several times.
when the server reboots you’ll be prompted with the new Windows Server 2008 type of login screen. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to log in. then click on other users
the default Administrator is blank, so just type Administrator and press Enter.
on the next window, You will be prompted to change the user’s password. and press Ok.
Enter your user password at-least-7-characters-long a new password twice
now you’ll be prompted to accept the fact that the password had been changed. Press Ok.
Finally, the desktop appears and that’s all, you’re now logged on and can begin working. You will be greeted by an assistant for the initial server configuration, and after performing some initial configuration tasks, you will be able to start working.



We have now come to the end of this article hope you were able to follow all the steps but if you miss any step kindly go back and read through again in others do not make a mistake. the next thing you do is to start creating and configuring roles we shall provide articles on how to create roles in windows server 2008 stay tuned for more.



Written by Lindo

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