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How to Fix Miracle Box Start Button not Working 100%


How to Fix Miracle Box Start Button not Working 100% Working

Hello, folks did you recently open your miracle box and you are unable to click on the start button because it has been disabled? If you have tried all you can it still not working don’t worry today we shall guide you through a step-by-step guide on how to re-activate the miracle start button so that you can work with your miracle box with ease.





Chinese miracle box is a hardware and software tool that has been programmed to solve nearly all problems of smartphones and tablets. This software is controlled by a box called MIRACLE BOX which works with the software found inside to give a solution to most problems of mobile devices. For example, a miracle can do the following



  •  Read and write mobile firmware into the device.
  •  It can read device info.
  •  Pattern bypass.
  •  FRP reset.
  • Flash mobile firmware to more than 300 devices.
  •  It supports fast boot and ADB mode.
  • Miracle box has options to reset user code, user pin, and many more.
  • Miracle box is very simple to use as its layout is greatly customized that suits its users

Just to name a few there are many more options available we just want to mention a few features.


Miracle box has another version and this version all have its own characteristics which differ from one another.





Miracle box is software that regularly has an update and it requires all its users to update their box software. In a situation where the start button of miracle gets disabled, it automatically means that the box software has expired. In such a situation you just need to update the box software by opening the software and clicking on update.


Now those using the cracked version of this software can not update the box software because it is a cracked version, therefore, to fix this start button you will need to follow this guide carefully.




In other to fix the miracle box start button you need to take the following point into consideration.

I. Go to your miracle shortcut on your desktop then right-click on it and select the open file location.


Also, check on

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How to Fix Miracle Box Start Button not Working 100% Working





  • In the miracle folder, click on box data.








  • In the next windows that Appear locate the handle and right-click on the handle and click on delete.





How to Fix Miracle Box Start Button not Working 100% Working


  • Once you delete the file save the folder and return it to the desktop then relaunch the miracle box.






  • Once you launch miracle wait for it to load then check the start button should be fixed now.Now that your miracle start button is active you can now start and stop any running process. 


Written by Lindo


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