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Keilshitech237 Free Unlock a Huawei E5220 mifi modem

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Keilshitech237 Free Unlock a Huawei E5220 MiFi modem

keilshitech237-free-unlock-a-Huawei-e5220-MiFi-modem Hello, in this tutorial I giving step by step guide on how to unlock your Huawei E5220 modem. so if you have a stock modem or allow you to use only a particular (ISP), for example, Orange or MTN, you are on the right track. keilshitech237-free-unlock-a-Huawei-e5220-MiFi-modem


The Huawei E5220 is also known for smartness and faster speed in connection, it has an excellent battery lifespan the Huawei E5220 mobile router is a well-known device that is unlockable using unlock code. before we begin the unlocking process


So I will point out a few specifications based on Huawei E5220. The mobile wifi has a maximum speed of 21 Mbps 3G mobile router which small enough to fit in your hands with this modem the management of multiple devices across the same network will no longer be a problem since it can be switched on and off remotely (mobile wifi).
battery levels and signal strength, read messages, and view all connected devices in one place all this can be done remotely without stress.


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Dimension : Width – 71.0 mm, Height – 67.5 mm, Depth – 25.5 mm
Weight : < 40 g
Model: E5220
Form: Mobile Wi-Fi
Communication System : UMTS/HSUPA/HSPA+, GSM/GPRS/EDGE
Speed : HSDPA 21.6 Mbps / HSUPA 5.76 Mbps
Display: LED light
Battery: 1150mAh Li-Ion
Maximum working time: 4 hours
Maximum standby time: 200 hours while Wi-Fi is off; 23 hours while Wi-Fi is often on.
Wi-Fi Protocol : 802.11b/g/n
Wi-Fi Connection Number: Up to 10 simultaneous users/devices
Operation System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.5,

Mac OS X 10.6,Mac OS X10.7,Mac OS X10.8
Unlocking this is done by calculating the unlock code using the IMEI number.

huawei e5220.jpg

To get the IMEI number of your mobile router remove the back cover.
Remove the battery and you will find some information read through careful you see the written imel:
copy the IMEL to a safe location.

To get your unlock code we are using the Huawei code calculator which you can download from the link below
Locate the program you just downloaded and unrar it using WinRAR then launched it when the extraction is finished

Once the program has been launched, copy the IMEI number from where you save it and insert it into the program where it says enter imel number.



Once the code has been gotten let’s move to the unlocking process
Install the USB driver for the modem, connect your modem to your computer using a USB cable, and

then in the pc explorer install the mini software as a cd available on the workstation.
Enter a sim card from a different ISP and connect your modem to pc using a USB cable
Open your web browser then enter the IP address found behind the modem to get access to the

The graphical user interface of your Huawei modem
Enter the default admin username and password

Huawei e5220s-2 modem requires a sim lock code copy the code you got from the Huawei code calculator and insert it into the box asking for unlock code and click ok. boom your modem is now unlocked.

So if the above software is unable to give your unlock head straight to HUAWEICODECALCULATOR And register with your email or Facebook then enter your modem model number and IMEI number and click on calculate to get your unlock code not that you have just 3 credits to unlock yours after 3 credit you need to sign in with a different email or Facebook account. keilshitech237-free-unlock-a-Huawei-e5220-MiFi-modem


hope this tutorial was helpful to you guys out there.

Written by Lindo

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